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Youth-Led Solution Summit
October 12 – 23, 2020.




The World YMCA, in collaboration with YMCA of the USA and the YMCA of San Francisco, the United Nations, academia, and external partners, will hold a series of Youth-Led Solution Summits beginning in October 2020.


The Youth-Led Solution Initiative will empower young changemakers to drive social innovation to advance the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.




To amplify youth solutions that positively impact local and global sustainability, the development of just and equitable communities, and the well-being of all people.  


General information


The YMCA will partner with the United Nations in 2020 to celebrate the signing of the UN Charter and renew our commitment to its original purposes and principles. 


The Youth-Led Solution Summit will focus on climate change, green economy, and technology.


More than 300 young people from more than 30 countries around the world are expected to participate.


October 12 to 23, 2020



Program and Activities


The Summit will have a variety of activities including, workshops, keynote speech, interactive virtual participation, and a special event to showcase and share solutions throughout the week.

  1. Preparation week (October 12-16)

  2. Solution Week (October 19-23)

* On September 19 and 23 there will be professional translation available.​

Call for Applications

The Youth-Led Solutions Summit invites young people (15 to 35) from the Latin American and Caribbean region to apply individually or through a Solution Team formed by other young people from their own community or from other latitudes. (Solution Teams will be made up of a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 15 young people).


Before applying, each participant must meet the following participation criteria:

Participation Criteria

- Young leaders between the age of, 15 and 35, who are passionate about addressing the climate crisis and committed to taking action in their community.

- With the ability to work with their local YMCA to form a Solution Team (6-15 members).

- Young professionals or volunteers with or without YMCA connection.

- Experience (or interest in) climate action, environment, conservation, green works, or related topics.

- Young leaders who wish to participate may register individually or form their own Solutions Team (6-15 members). * Young people who register individually will be invited to one of the solutions groups already formed.


Documentation Requested


To apply, each participant, individually or by Team, must send the following documents to LACA:

            a) Concept note of the project or solution you will develop (whether a new project or a solution already implemented) *See the                      Solutions section.

                     - The concept note should clearly indicate the topic to be addressed,

                     - The possible implementation time,

                     - Location where the project would be implemented,

                     - Scope of the project in the number of people,

                     - Why are you interested in participating in the summit?

                     - What do you consider you can contribute with your participation?

                     - What are the expectations as a team of your participation in the Summit and the subsequent implementation of your                                    solution?

                     - In case you receive financial support (seed funding), what would you deal with it?

            b) Each Solution Team must submit the following information for each of its members in a single document:

                     - Full name

                     - Age

                     - Country

                     - City

                     - YMCA

                     - If you are not part of YMCA indicate the name of the organization

                     - Address

                     - Contact phone number

                     - Whatsapp

                     - Email

                     - English level

                     - Highest level of education

              c) Endorsement of your YMCA movement or organization with the signature of the CEO or the person responsible.


*All documents must be sent in PDF format.


This information must be sent by Friday, September 25,  to the Programs and Project Coordination area of the Latin American and Caribbean Alliance of YMCA to Daniel Galán:

Participants' Commitments


Every participant must take into account the following commitments before applying individually or applying with a Solutions Team.

Each participant commits to:

- Working and collaborating as part of a Solution Team to launch a project related to climate action, one of your team will need to act as the lead.

- Lead education and advocacy efforts around climate action in your local community.

- Advance YMCA’s collective impact with the United Nations.

- Attend virtual, or in-person meetings with your Solution Team (in case any of the participants of the solution team needs support to get data access during the two weeks of the Summit, ask the Programs and Project Coordination area of the Latin American and Caribbean Alliance of YMCA to Daniel Galán:

- Join live sessions and listen to pre-recorded workshops on your own time.

- Participate actively in the live virtual Summit: 12 - 23 October.

- Attend virtual launch events on Monday 19 and Friday 23 October.

- Submit a project proposal to be considered for seed funding.

- Follow any reporting guidelines set by your partners, Area Alliance, or YMCA.

- Share stories of the impact of your project.

- Optional: take additional courses offered by the University of San Francisco.


- Solutions can be new ideas (incubate, experiment, test) or existing solutions (expand, adapt, evolve, scale).

- Innovation is widely encouraged.

- The solutions for this summit will focus on issues related to climate change, green economy, and technology.

- These initiatives will continue in 2021 and beyond as future groups of young leaders address and advance other issues connected to the SDGs such as youth employment, mental health, and more.


Solutions team

- A solutions team is a group of 6 or more young people between the ages of 15-35 with or without YMCA connection, Solutions team can be formed by young people from local communities, other organizations, or even from other countries.

- Each Solution Team must have a team leader. This person will make sure the team is well tracked and connected with the support they need.

- Each solution team will also have access to a leadership coach, who will support them in the development of their project.


Process to participate

Once you understand the responsibilities to participate and if you are interested, you should consider the following process:

- Form a Solutions Team (either within your own community, YMCA, or with young people from other organizations, regions, or countries).

- So, you have assembled your Solution Team. Now, begin to brainstorm issues related to Sustainable Development Goal #13: Climate Action (and other environmental indicators across all SDGs) that your Solution Team is passionate about.

- You may have a project that you are looking to evolve or expand, a tried and tested solution.

- Or you might come up with a brand-new idea! The October Summit will provide opportunities for both new ideas and for existing solutions that have the potential to grow.

- There will be guidance available on potential ideas, things to think about, or types of projects your solution team might consider.


Some of the advantages of participating with a Solutions Team are as follows:


. Solution Teams may compete to receive a seed fund to help making your solution into a reality.

- They will have the opportunity to increase their understanding and knowledge of the current climate crisis.

- Solution Teams will be able to make an impact and create change in their communities.

- They will be able to connect with other young people from other parts of the world and receive the support of a leadership coach to help their Solutions Team to develop their project.

- They will have access to experts, panelists, and speakers on the subject.

Seed Funding


All solutions presented by the Solutions Teams will be able to participate to receive a seed fund that will serve for young people to test or scale their solutions that address the climate crisis and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Comité de Selección

The organizers of the Summit in conjunction with LACA and the rest of the area organizations will establish a selection committee. The selection committee will review applications for funding and determine which applications will be awarded funding grants.


The Selection Committee will be composed of the following people to guarantee diversity and equity:


- Regional youth leaders

- YMCA external partners and donors

- Experts on the subject


Official Web Page
For more information about the event please visit: